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27 Oct

Microsoft Outlook is the email system of choice at most companies I have worked at.  I receive and send a lot of emails every day, often with a lot of followup items when I work with business clients.   At times, there are so many follow up items, its hard to keep track of it all, and yes stuff does fall through the cracks from time to time.

Sure I have my notebook to keep tabs of the work I do, it’s just not the most efficient way.  I feel sort of stupid for admitting this, but I just recently started to use the email flagging feature.  It’s such a simple thing that has improved my workflow and substantially increased the followup frequency of email items.  By flagging an email, it automatically gets listed as a task on the task pane, and there are options to set due dates on the tasks.  If there’s something I can’t take care of right away, I just flag it.   I can quickly retrieve and focus on the important emails even if they get buried by others as the day goes by. When I’m done with the item, I just click on the red flag next to the task and the task disappears.

I usually review the task list shortly after I get settled in the morning, and again at the end of the day to review the items I have to take care of later in the week.  Try it out, flagging emails are a good thing, because being flagged by the TSA, casinos, and banks are no good.

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