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26 Aug

Windows 10 frustrationOver the last few weeks, we started receiving calls about the problems that people found after their Windows 10 upgrade. While there are many benefit upgrading to windows 10, there are few gotchas that you need to be aware. These are some of them:

1) Windows 10 failed to update
Your windows update failed to complete. This could be caused by your disk corrupted or the upgrade process was not fully completed.

2) Sound stops working
If you have an older computer, the sound may stop working. This is due to the fact that the driver is too old and not compatible with windows 10.

3) Outlook and Google Sync stops working
You are receiving emails but you are not able to send one or your email was returned with an error. We found a corruption in the system.

4) Your Internet Connection is cutting out
This could be caused by your network driver is not compatible. If your network card is too old, the driver on windows 10 may not be compatible with your network device.

5) Antivirus is gone missing
If you have older antivirus version, the old software may not be brought forward. This is to protect your new windows 10 from crashing or blue screen. If your antivirus subscription is current, you can re-install the compatible antivirus version for windows 10.

In any case, some of them can be resolved. If you are not sure, we can check and upgrade the system for you to make sure your computer is working purr-fectly. For your peace of mind, please call our office today.

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