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18 Mar

10 Ways to Speed Up Windows Computer

Who doesn’t use Windows 7 now? If you ask this question, you will find a very few amount of people who actually don’t. Some of this little number of people uses Windows 8, some use Mac, and some use some other operating systems. Windows XP is still very popular, but most users these days are users of PCs running on Windows 7.

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Because it’s easy to use, attractive looking, lightweight compared to Vista, and most PCs of today will run it without any hard setup skills. Just setup and use – this is it. But how do you keep it faster? Below you can find working tips which helps you to speed up Windows Computer and deliver great working experience :)

Windows 7 might eventually get slower on a PC if you don’t maintain certain things. What are they? We tried to make things simplified here. These top tips will surely make your PC running on Windows 7 much faster than before.

How to Speed Up Windows Computer Now :


1. Disable Aero Theme

If your computer is lacking on graphics resources and RAM, then it’s better to not use the aero theme. Indeed, it makes the way Windows appears look better and you can easily change the active windows on your screen. But at the same time, it uses a big space in your hard disk drive and RAM and also it has effect on the graphics unit. Use it only your computer is high in configurations.

You can disable it by right clicking on the desktop and then click on Personalize> Windows Color.

Now uncheck ‘Enable Transparency’.

2. Disable visual effects

If your computer is low on configurations, then you should disable the visual effects. You can do it by right clicking My Computer, and then go to Properties. ‘System Properties’ box will show up, open the ‘Advanced’ tab. Now select ‘Adjust for Best Performance’, you can only select the last three in the bottom.

3. Disk Defragment

When you use the files in your hard disk, all they become shattered across the binaries. You need to put them back to place by defragging your hard disk. And you can do that from System Tools in start menu.

4. Disk Cleanup

This cleans up the unnecessary junk files in your hard disk produced by software and other files. Run this utility on a regular basis.

5. Reduce Start-Up programs

Go to ‘msconfig’ from ‘Run’ and then check only the software that you want to start up when your computer boots up.

Some more ways to Speed Up Windows Computer

6. Anti-Virus

Have good ones installed in your PC as they protect your PC from potentials threats. Viruses make computer slower. But again, the real time scanning of antivirus software can make your PC go slow, so you may want to disable it at times.

7. Windows Screen Saver and Wall Paper

If your computer configuration is optimal for running Windows 7, then disable them both; performance before beauty.

8. Disable Search Indexing

Most users don’t use this feature but it keeps running in the background, eating up memories in the RAM. So it’s very wise to disable it, you can do it by clicking on ‘Manage’; you will get that by right clicking My Computer.

9. Disable Thumbnail Preview Feature

The folders containing image shows thumbnail previews. It looks good and makes working on Windows 7 convenient but at the same type it occupies memory. So it’s highly recommended that you disable this feature too.

To do this, go to a folder, right click and select ‘Customize this Folder’; now from the ‘View’ tab, click on ‘Always show icons, never thumbnails’.

10. Disable the Unnecessary Software

You don’t have to fill up your computer with software that you will never need. Only install the ones you really need and use on a regular basis. Almost all software installed leave back a trace in the RAM, by keeping a part of the software alive in the background occupying a big amount of memory. Also, they produce junk temporary files as well. It’s better to uninstall the unnecessary software and keep your system free.

This way, you can speed up Windows Computer faster. Hope you learned above tips and you will try these today. Stay tuned for mode PC tips and tricks. :)

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