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A customer once remarked “I have to pay you every time my network goes down – how do  I know you’re really trying to solve my problems?”  

It’s a good question – most computer service companies make money when you have problems, so do they really have an incentive to keep problems from happening in the first place?  What would happen if we focused on preventing computer problems, instead of waiting for them to happen and then reacting? 

How would less computer “downtime” impact the productivity and stress levels of your business?  How would it feel to walk in the door on Monday morning and know that your computers were going to work?

That’s the foundation of our Business Enhanced Support Technology (B.E.S.T) and our world first No-Downtime-Guarantee™.  This revolutionary new service offering is dedicated to solving your computer problems, keeping your systems trouble-free and enhancing your business where technology can help. 

In the background, we’ve combined some advanced monitoring technology from our industry-leading partners, with best practice guidelines developed by over 450 Computer Troubleshooters experts worldwide.  This allows us to constantly review the health of your systems and to act on many symptoms before they develop into major problems.  

How long can your business operate without your computers? 

For a simple monthly fee, you can experience unlimited support and, if at anytime your computer or network is down, we’ll pay you $100 for every hour you lose*. That’s our No-Downtime Guarantee.*

We’ll also manage any other IT-related vendors for you (e.g. Internet Providers, Cabling Contractors, Telcos) and we’ll show you how technology can truly assist and improve your business.

So, how sure are you that, in the event of a problem, all of your information is protected?

Are you confident that you could survive a large systems failure or data loss?
Are you spending too much of your precious time trying to manage your I.T?

Ready to learn more?

For more information regarding our revolutionary B.E.S.T. plans call our office or use our Click Here for more information.

* Some restrictions, terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

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Small businesses report an average of over 50 hours of lost productivity per employee per year due to IT problems."

"93% of IT problems can be proactively addressed via remote administration before they turn into performance problems, downtime, loss of data or security breaches."

"Most computer companies get paid when your computers fail.  We get paid to keep your computers working. We don't get paid when your computer is down.  Which of us is really more likely to work hard to keep your systems problem-free?”

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